so here we go again. another month or two and I haven’t written a word. Its all in my head though. Now its just a matter of letting it flow I guess. I hate to say it but it is harder and harder to find time to cut out of the day and my personal space to do the things that I ‘need’ to do. And painting and writing are two of the things that I need to do privately. Its always been like that though. I know Im not the only one but DAMN. Its annoying.
So as I just said its all been floating in my head over the past few months. Or should I say busting at the seams.
The most recent poem “Aflame” that I just posted is something I wrote a few hours ago. Hope you enjoy it. It was a weight off of my mind to get it out there.
Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, I wont be away for so long.

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