eager eyes #1

She wept to her soul saying there would never be another.As he stood by waiting for her to appear through the fog of sunrise she knew it would never be again. She screamed to her loneliness. Slowly quieting her will to live, Nothing answered her back. And then his eyes were on her. The cold permeating her senses as a blanket slowly closing her eyes to the light. Looking up at the dark heavens she realized he wasn’t far. Always close to her.

She forgave him for leaving her.

A quiet peace.

She shone over the crowd breaking through the mists of thought. She was there, brighter to brightest in all the glory given her. Reverence was optimism. Forgetting what she couldn’t do today she lived.

She had seen the bleakness of another night and it had turned her away. Never seeing its face she smiled to herself wanting more of what she could never feel cross over her body.


She cast shadows on the blinking crowd around her.  Further and further she went into the sky. Loneliness again grasped her as she was forced to ascend —her surroundings blinded, turned away.

Crying she thought she saw a shadow of him. Haze formed. She felt weary as time dragged her forward. Time moved her to fade.

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