Made from a heart of stone

As cold as snow

On a frozen riverbank

Frigid to myself

And to nothing

I walked through

A land of desolation

Of desperation

With all of the shadows

Engulfing my soul

Head down

I entered into oblivion

A winter

Of no more

a sorrow of leaves

I find you in the leaves

Of turning snow

And I sigh

At the look of the sky

Closing eyes I feel

Your breath hit the air

In the haze of ice

That’s my downfall

As I lay next to you

Face to face in stone

Chilled to the bone

You as warm as the sun

I feel a heartbeat

Unable to turn I smile

Knowing I am no more


the loss of my heart

Through the trembling

I feel the cold

Course through my veins

My mind pulsing with ache

And fear

Chilling me to the bone

I look to see you

Through the mist

Farther than my reach

You fall from your rope

To be nothing more

Than a lonely memory