leaving my feelings

leaving your heart

whats behind the door

will be left out

wheels keep turning

trusting in nothing

forced to leave it all

until i can fly

once more

the sound

the sound of your voice

through the walls

the sound of the leaves

in the fall

the sound of your breath

in a winters night

a divine call

that makes light

the wind over the hill

that is might

the stars up above

holding my one true love

in the night.



Made from a heart of stone

As cold as snow

On a frozen riverbank

Frigid to myself

And to nothing

I walked through

A land of desolation

Of desperation

With all of the shadows

Engulfing my soul

Head down

I entered into oblivion

A winter

Of no more


They must be out

Out of their minds

To feel as they do

Where there is no return

No return to the norm

No return to their arms

Arms that once held

Are empty once again

And lost in finality

weighing options

“It’s the only way to be.”

At least that’s what you said

When I saw you the last time

Being nonplussed by the situation

I turned and walked out

The door opening

The sky crashing down on me

Cold and wet at the same time

I shook it off

Walking the streets

Of concrete heaven.

Like the sun

Through the blinds

I feel the cut

Deep and warm

Bright and gold

In this liquid




Closing eyes

To the bright

The whole of time

Shaking in the sun

I say stay

I say no please no

As a quiet breeze floats

Through the halls

The room becomes still

And I grow cold

So cold

Bitterness filling my body

With regret



I am now to my own solitude

A thought wrapped in many



Left without a decision