wind rushes

against your heart

ever beating

against your chest

through the distance

as the closing in fires

soot through your being

watch the years fly

fly as you waste away

screaming in

all of your desires

the sound

the sound of your voice

through the walls

the sound of the leaves

in the fall

the sound of your breath

in a winters night

a divine call

that makes light

the wind over the hill

that is might

the stars up above

holding my one true love

in the night.



can you spare

to take me there

through a waste

of time

with small purpose?

can you spare

a small change

of design in disfigurement

when time lurches?



clouds whispered

as fires rode through the night sky

sending shadows of smoke

through the air.

standing against strength

I lunge into the unknown

only to weep in despair.


They must be out

Out of their minds

To feel as they do

Where there is no return

No return to the norm

No return to their arms

Arms that once held

Are empty once again

And lost in finality

the jump

No one pulls you

From the itching

From the scratching

The tingling

Of the nerve

That’s summed

To be failures

Without nets

We jump

And scratch