leaving my feelings

leaving your heart

whats behind the door

will be left out

wheels keep turning

trusting in nothing

forced to leave it all

until i can fly

once more


Come back to me

I cried into the night

Darkest as dark

The clouds settling over

My mind and soul



Crying silent tears

Growing cold

As rain fell harder

I looked down

To see you

Standing in front

Of another heart

Eyes darting back and forth

Me to her

But to your dismay

In my clouds I turned

And walked away


the end of……

On a Sunday afternoon

I read the lines

From your letter

To me

And no one else

The sentence

Closer to the end


Just what you kept

From me

And from your self

Terse and indignant

You evolved

Before my eyes

No more

By my side

You ran down your own


In the end of things

You were

A misunderstood pathos

And no one else.