the sound

the sound of your voice

through the walls

the sound of the leaves

in the fall

the sound of your breath

in a winters night

a divine call

that makes light

the wind over the hill

that is might

the stars up above

holding my one true love

in the night.


a precipice

Once I stood

At the tip of a ledge

Looking down

I saw everything

Everything that you didn’t

Want me to see

See the buried


Of what was

Of what will never be again

In this

I’m turning to you

You that left me

At my ledge

I am ready

To stand


falling through eternity

I tripped over treetops and clouds

When I found you.

You stumbled over rocks and sand

When you found me.

You cried at the sight of remembrances

I did too

But now

You are a mere shadow

To the sky

And I a means to an end

Forces pull the ground toward you

While looking at the sun

And I

I am not one of them.


You closed your eyes to tears of reality

You cried at the sight of remembrances and I did too.


when you’re alone

Perfection from a distance

swayed my mood.

With a slight smile I gazed at you across the expanse

between us.

Sun blinding in its golden rays I blinked.

When I awoke you were gone.

Hanging my head I walked


the burning parade

afterthoughts in the wind pass you by

a crowd in a bottomless sea of shores

as you carry your heart into the embers

you smile knowing your scars will speak for you

in this your loneliest time






you see it now

turning and winding into your eyes

sparks and spasms in the light

settling into the senses

your eyes closing

drawing a final breath