There is a nothing

That consumes

As it seeps over my soul

Breaking everything that it crashes into

Only doing harm

Swaying back and forth

Never being seen only heard

All you want and need are gone

Here in the nothing


stars in the night sky

you replied to all of my questions

“I feel the earth spin in a night sky

the earth is but dirt in a state of evolution”

I said this isn’t true

“but you have to see

there is no constant in our minds

only illusion.

to every one of my questions.

you are true”

the burning parade

afterthoughts in the wind pass you by

a crowd in a bottomless sea of shores

as you carry your heart into the embers

you smile knowing your scars will speak for you

in this your loneliest time






you see it now

turning and winding into your eyes

sparks and spasms in the light

settling into the senses

your eyes closing

drawing a final breath