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day 30/ at the end

at the end of it all

He felt as he looked out at the sea
Waves coming and going from a distant land of unknown
Feeling the pulse of life
He let it wash over his senses
You’re just like me he silently cried into the air
Engulfed in a rage he took another drink from bitterness.
How could this be happening to him?
How could he forget to live?
How could there be such a cruel loss of his doing?
This was his life to be forgotten
Love was a past that was denied him
He smirked at the thought of it
Shaking his head he realized this was truly his end.
He sighed in the night.

red sunset on the Dnieper by Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi
red sunset on the Dnieper by Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi

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day 25/last straw

the last straw– is the prompt for the day

the heart that had it
Say a prayer for me he said as he heard his heart slip from his chest
Beating it laid on the ground looking to the sky for an answer
He fell
He heard it speak to him
Feel the breath of my life slip over the concrete
You know this is your finishing point
As it is mine it is yours
I have felt your pain for too many lifetimes
I was always there before you knew of love and death and horror
I am a constant in your world and others
I leave you the way you left me

drawing by  Aubrey Beardsley
drawing by
Aubrey Beardsley

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day 24/ tell it to the…

tell it to the night

Seeing darkness overcome her she fell to the ground
Breathing hard she pushed the questions from her mind.
Breaking her silence
She said into the fathom I will stand alone against you
Closing her eyes to the weight
She breathed the warmth in through her nostrils
No, she sobbed defiantly you will not have forgotten me
Pools formed around her as she felt a force leaving her body
Reaching with her last strength she crumbled
She whispered I will not be forgotten

the funeral by edouard manet
the funeral
by edouard manet

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day 23/location

in the light of the sun

The sun crashed down on my surroundings
Gleaming off of chrome
Blinded by words echoing light
I turned toward the sky
Seeing pink and red
Closing eyelids I heard the sky and its music
Birds floated far above me
They left me still in the light
To interpret the words of that gleam from chrome

mission beach sunrise  by graham nickson
mission beach sunrise
by graham nickson