leaving my feelings

leaving your heart

whats behind the door

will be left out

wheels keep turning

trusting in nothing

forced to leave it all

until i can fly

once more


falling knee deep into a pit of mud

the alcohol fueling my anger

i see you

i see you there

in the distance

too far to reach for me

and too high up in the air.

stars in the night sky

you replied to all of my questions

“I feel the earth spin in a night sky

the earth is but dirt in a state of evolution”

I said this isn’t true

“but you have to see

there is no constant in our minds

only illusion.

to every one of my questions.

you are true”

the burning parade

afterthoughts in the wind pass you by

a crowd in a bottomless sea of shores

as you carry your heart into the embers

you smile knowing your scars will speak for you

in this your loneliest time






you see it now

turning and winding into your eyes

sparks and spasms in the light

settling into the senses

your eyes closing

drawing a final breath



who do you love
when the wind falls from the sky above
tearing and splicing into your soul
left without warmth
feeling the shards of cold
you evolve


The fire of night illuminating my mind
I sat with its embers surrounding me.
With ease of mind washing over the ground
Feeling the warmth ruminate over my thoughts
I soared into that which I was meant to never know.
Without fear I drifted
Eyes closed
I burned into the light

by Sid Grossman
by Sid Grossman