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the end of……

On a Sunday afternoon

I read the lines

From your letter

To me

And no one else

The sentence

Closer to the end


Just what you kept

From me

And from your self

Terse and indignant

You evolved

Before my eyes

No more

By my side

You ran down your own


In the end of things

You were

A misunderstood pathos

And no one else.

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None has your beauty

You lay in the light of evening

The glow of the sun

Showing its true color

Changing greens to black

Changing mauves

Permeate the environment

With pigment


A hush controls

Your landscape

Crickets softly caress the breeze

The moon gives forth

To a new midnight

Prussian blue skies

Sprinkled with light

From long ago sunrises

And sunsets

A moment of cool


Floats through the air

I can no longer see you

But I know you will be there

Dusting the sky

With shades of awakened