wind rushes

against your heart

ever beating

against your chest

through the distance

as the closing in fires

soot through your being

watch the years fly

fly as you waste away

screaming in

all of your desires


Come back to me

I cried into the night

Darkest as dark

The clouds settling over

My mind and soul



Crying silent tears

Growing cold

As rain fell harder

I looked down

To see you

Standing in front

Of another heart

Eyes darting back and forth

Me to her

But to your dismay

In my clouds I turned

And walked away



They must be out

Out of their minds

To feel as they do

Where there is no return

No return to the norm

No return to their arms

Arms that once held

Are empty once again

And lost in finality

a precipice

Once I stood

At the tip of a ledge

Looking down

I saw everything

Everything that you didn’t

Want me to see

See the buried


Of what was

Of what will never be again

In this

I’m turning to you

You that left me

At my ledge

I am ready

To stand



There is a nothing

That consumes

As it seeps over my soul

Breaking everything that it crashes into

Only doing harm

Swaying back and forth

Never being seen only heard

All you want and need are gone

Here in the nothing