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Come back to me

I cried into the night

Darkest as dark

The clouds settling over

My mind and soul



Crying silent tears

Growing cold

As rain fell harder

I looked down

To see you

Standing in front

Of another heart

Eyes darting back and forth

Me to her

But to your dismay

In my clouds I turned

And walked away


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Eager Eyes

He saw her there alone, celestial and shining eternal.

In the light of a thousand people she stood in the thriving.

He quietly cried to himself accepting that he could never touch her.

The longing and the loneliness forever expanding across his vision he turned away from himself and his emotions.  Leaving, he heard the din of life softly fading behind him to a never ending sea.

He walked with his head down in the shadows. Footsteps leaving an unseen path of breadcrumbs for her on the cold pavement bathed in lamp and an evening rain.

Through the night he wondered aimlessly through the world waiting for a moment, a passing moment to a thought of her face shining down on him from her heaven. The faintest of smiles washed over him as warmth wrapped its fingers slowly around his body.

He closed his eyes and forgave her for leaving him to his thoughts.


If she only knew.

The breath of a whisper— rain tempering leaves—memories passed him by in storm.

He stood letting her fall over his hair, body, and finally down his clothes to his bones.

Soft echoes wafted over him as the perfume of cars went by.

A quiet peace.

Undisturbed by noise.

Only knowing warmth.

She had found him again.

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there is no distance…

“There is no distance between you and I.”

–This is what I heard from you as you spiraled away

From afar you claimed to be the long lost something of other

To a something or other.

You didn’t make any sense to me.

Maybe to whomever you were speaking to,

But not me.

The lights blinded my rolling eyes as I sat there

Waiting on you to surprise me with your reappearance.

Dodging every questioning glance from those around me

Looking at the clock

Sounds barraging my sense of well being

I still heard you—but farther away this time.

I could no longer see you in the engulfing crowd.

Distancing myself from you,

Finally breathing cold air—I awoke.

Looking at my clock

And the sunrise

In the distance.