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Selling out art

I hate to do this mainly because i have no choice…  but i also have no clue as to what i am doing putting this on a blog.. ahh that’s right! ebay wont let me put it on there because i am a newbie. yes you read that right i am an ebay newbie.

so to make a very long story short, i will be putting some of my artwork on my blog to sell off. every once in a while it will be some of my own creation/works.

BUT today because of some issues that i will not go into detail about, i am posting my Leonard Nimoy original photo. its from the Shekhina series. the image is called 56-5. yes its signed numbered etc by Mr. Spock himself. No Joke. it is the first one out of 25 that exist.  it is professionally framed and purchased from the gallery that represents his estate and his artworks. — i am the owner. i bought it. i have the papers 🙂

so this is what you get:


Leonard Nimoy 56-5 from the Shekhina series

original work, signed, numbered, framed, with provenance papers. photo taken by Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame. from the series called Shekhina.


if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

thanks !


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day 22/ optimism/ pessimism

My Glasses

Going down the highway
Seeing the street lights fade in the mirror
I came across a moon that was low in the sky
Days of wonder passed me by
All alone in this the end of my world
I prayed to find my memories……

Always laughing she would stand in the sun
Background of yellow, blue and white
Flashes of orange and pink
Looking toward me
Always smiling
She saw my glasses full of wonderment
She would tell me to follow her
Where? I never knew.

I adjusted my mirror
The moon beckoned the sun to shine
Time for me to keep going
Into what was left of the night
broadway at night
photo by Alvin Langdon Coburn