The fire of night illuminating my mind
I sat with its embers surrounding me.
With ease of mind washing over the ground
Feeling the warmth ruminate over my thoughts
I soared into that which I was meant to never know.
Without fear I drifted
Eyes closed
I burned into the light

by Sid Grossman
by Sid Grossman


Sight gone
Too hard to focus
Wind wrapped its wings around me
Dust permeating skin
Heat gripping my remaining senses
Languages from the past haunting me
I lay down to breathe
Alone in my comfort

a fretful force

Feeling the rush of the earth as it neared collision
I ran toward you
Blood percolating
Seeing with my own eyes
Dropping to the ground
I crashed into nothingness

photo by: Carleton E. Watkins
photo by:
Carleton E. Watkins

day 22/ optimism/ pessimism

My Glasses

Going down the highway
Seeing the street lights fade in the mirror
I came across a moon that was low in the sky
Days of wonder passed me by
All alone in this the end of my world
I prayed to find my memories……

Always laughing she would stand in the sun
Background of yellow, blue and white
Flashes of orange and pink
Looking toward me
Always smiling
She saw my glasses full of wonderment
She would tell me to follow her
Where? I never knew.

I adjusted my mirror
The moon beckoned the sun to shine
Time for me to keep going
Into what was left of the night
broadway at night
photo by Alvin Langdon Coburn