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Eager Eyes

He saw her there alone, celestial and shining eternal.

In the light of a thousand people she stood in the thriving.

He quietly cried to himself accepting that he could never touch her.

The longing and the loneliness forever expanding across his vision he turned away from himself and his emotions.  Leaving, he heard the din of life softly fading behind him to a never ending sea.

He walked with his head down in the shadows. Footsteps leaving an unseen path of breadcrumbs for her on the cold pavement bathed in lamp and an evening rain.

Through the night he wondered aimlessly through the world waiting for a moment, a passing moment to a thought of her face shining down on him from her heaven. The faintest of smiles washed over him as warmth wrapped its fingers slowly around his body.

He closed his eyes and forgave her for leaving him to his thoughts.


If she only knew.

The breath of a whisper— rain tempering leaves—memories passed him by in storm.

He stood letting her fall over his hair, body, and finally down his clothes to his bones.

Soft echoes wafted over him as the perfume of cars went by.

A quiet peace.

Undisturbed by noise.

Only knowing warmth.

She had found him again.

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Made from a heart of stone

As cold as snow

On a frozen riverbank

Frigid to myself

And to nothing

I walked through

A land of desolation

Of desperation

With all of the shadows

Engulfing my soul

Head down

I entered into oblivion

A winter

Of no more

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falling through eternity

I tripped over treetops and clouds

When I found you.

You stumbled over rocks and sand

When you found me.

You cried at the sight of remembrances

I did too

But now

You are a mere shadow

To the sky

And I a means to an end

Forces pull the ground toward you

While looking at the sun

And I

I am not one of them.


You closed your eyes to tears of reality

You cried at the sight of remembrances and I did too.