Don’t ask me for

More than I can give

More than I have

More than I am

More than the sky

More than the rain

More than the night

Can swallow a tear

More than your eyes

Could cause my fears

I love you more



Your eyes pulling me deeper into you

I haven’t felt so alive in years

As I look

A world of humor and amazement

A whirlwind of thought

Colors never seen unfold

The moon is shining in the sky

As is the sun in the dawn

I whisper with honesty

Into you

I will no longer

Be mistaken for dead

weighing options

“It’s the only way to be.”

At least that’s what you said

When I saw you the last time

Being nonplussed by the situation

I turned and walked out

The door opening

The sky crashing down on me

Cold and wet at the same time

I shook it off

Walking the streets

Of concrete heaven.

a walking haze

Walking by

I felt the eyes

Of someone

I’d known before

Never having seen them

Through the gaze

Of a haze

I stumbled

Blinking into nothing

I reached for what I thought

Was a hand

Finding instead

A face hidden from trace

And the sun from behind a cloud

Filled with rain

waiting in the rain

Rain against the glass of the window fell

Crashing to the ground

Beating its way into the earth.

Grabbing an umbrella

I dashed out onto my landscape

Fog, cold, heat, and damp

Permeated my senses

Unable to see distance


Breathing in the wet concrete

Waiting patiently

In the rain

To go home

falling through eternity

I tripped over treetops and clouds

When I found you.

You stumbled over rocks and sand

When you found me.

You cried at the sight of remembrances

I did too

But now

You are a mere shadow

To the sky

And I a means to an end

Forces pull the ground toward you

While looking at the sun

And I

I am not one of them.


You closed your eyes to tears of reality

You cried at the sight of remembrances and I did too.


stars in the night sky

you replied to all of my questions

“I feel the earth spin in a night sky

the earth is but dirt in a state of evolution”

I said this isn’t true

“but you have to see

there is no constant in our minds

only illusion.

to every one of my questions.

you are true”

when you’re alone

Perfection from a distance

swayed my mood.

With a slight smile I gazed at you across the expanse

between us.

Sun blinding in its golden rays I blinked.

When I awoke you were gone.

Hanging my head I walked