leaving my feelings

leaving your heart

whats behind the door

will be left out

wheels keep turning

trusting in nothing

forced to leave it all

until i can fly

once more


wind rushes

against your heart

ever beating

against your chest

through the distance

as the closing in fires

soot through your being

watch the years fly

fly as you waste away

screaming in

all of your desires


clouds whispered

as fires rode through the night sky

sending shadows of smoke

through the air.

standing against strength

I lunge into the unknown

only to weep in despair.

Eager Eyes

He saw her there alone, celestial and shining eternal.

In the light of a thousand people she stood in the thriving.

He quietly cried to himself accepting that he could never touch her.

The longing and the loneliness forever expanding across his vision he turned away from himself and his emotions.  Leaving, he heard the din of life softly fading behind him to a never ending sea.

He walked with his head down in the shadows. Footsteps leaving an unseen path of breadcrumbs for her on the cold pavement bathed in lamp and an evening rain.

Through the night he wondered aimlessly through the world waiting for a moment, a passing moment to a thought of her face shining down on him from her heaven. The faintest of smiles washed over him as warmth wrapped its fingers slowly around his body.

He closed his eyes and forgave her for leaving him to his thoughts.


If she only knew.

The breath of a whisper— rain tempering leaves—memories passed him by in storm.

He stood letting her fall over his hair, body, and finally down his clothes to his bones.

Soft echoes wafted over him as the perfume of cars went by.

A quiet peace.

Undisturbed by noise.

Only knowing warmth.

She had found him again.


They must be out

Out of their minds

To feel as they do

Where there is no return

No return to the norm

No return to their arms

Arms that once held

Are empty once again

And lost in finality

a walking haze

Walking by

I felt the eyes

Of someone

I’d known before

Never having seen them

Through the gaze

Of a haze

I stumbled

Blinking into nothing

I reached for what I thought

Was a hand

Finding instead

A face hidden from trace

And the sun from behind a cloud

Filled with rain

a precipice

Once I stood

At the tip of a ledge

Looking down

I saw everything

Everything that you didn’t

Want me to see

See the buried


Of what was

Of what will never be again

In this

I’m turning to you

You that left me

At my ledge

I am ready

To stand


the move

Another night

Another time

Slips through my fingers

Waiting for the next move


People think

And think

Time ticks

Ticks ticks ticks


Thoughts swirling into




This noise

Thoughts thoughts thoughts

Swirling tornados